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MY STORY and MY JOURNEY:  Danielle T Jackson  20 YEAR PASSION FOR NATURAL PRODUCTS: I have been with Young Living natural amazing products since 2009, but my story really began -20 years when I went out on my own and started using nature's remedies, 16 years making my own soap and bath salts. NUTRITION CALL: I asked God once in college (20 years ago) what my call in life was and he told me “nutrition”, I looked at the curriculum in college and did not like the courses. I choose instead to go into Child and Family Studies which was in the same building. I now understand that “Nutrition” is more than a college Degree. The Nutrition that was taught [...]

My DREAM last night that brought clarity to the TRANSGENDER BATHROOM ISSUE or RATHER LETTING MEN INSIDE THE WOMEN’s bathroom

  My DREAM last night that brought clarity to the TRANSGENDER BATHROOM ISSUE or RATHER LETTING MEN INSIDE THE WOMEN's bathroom. I believe it was a God dream due to its clarity and clearness. It did bring clarity of mind to me on the issue. I had a dream last night. I walked into a VERY FULL bathroom at a public store. Women were everywhere on the walls, and standing around leaning on  the walls. They had a closed in stall that looked like a dressing room, and two bathrooms connected and open for all to see in the big bathroom. I really needed the bathroom and was reluctant to use it, but an older lady said I will clean it [...]

Take HOLD of the REINS

Spring Ahead… As Spring approaches, one of my favorite seasons arrive, I drift back to one of my favorite and very neglected activity that really de-stresses me. I love to ride horses, and I have not ridden regularly in 20 years. I told you it is much neglected. Horse Leadership Analog Ahead: Warning!! Many of you have gotten on the Horse of Leadership and riding on to your Destination (Your next rank and continued Success), but ARE you letting the horse drive you where you are going? Leading is taking the reins and steering that horse.  I can not steer your horse, I can ride on the side of you, and you can follow in my path. Steering and making [...]