Lemon Oil can help you detox: it eats through petrochemicals (the bad stuff)

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Styrofoam peanuts

Styrofoam peanuts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My son and I did an experiment with styrofoam plates and oils last night.


He wanted to see how essential oils digest and eat petrochemicals. We have all ingested and put petrochemicals on our skin.


Plastic is a petrochemcial product, so is vaseline, vicks vapor rub, it is in lotions, lots of items, etc.

Petrochemicals are hormone disruptors, they cause hormone imbalances. Over 6,000 petrochemicals out there right now.

The Great thing is the oils go into your system and scavenge for the chemicals…and help you to get rid of it.

Fat cells hold our many toxins and chemicals that we have eaten or put on our skins. So we found out…from our experiment what I already knew..but proved.

Citrus (lemon) oils work faster at dissolving it, but lavender oil worked, too. 



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